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Family Room
Dining Room
Ceiling after painting
Above: Before our work began.
Right: Finished cupola and the coffered ceiling.

Along with the designer Thomas Burak,
we adapted our analysis of Baroque line
and composition to achieve a harmonious 
overall design for the variously shaped
panels of this Alpine, New Jersey ceiling.


Ceiling after painting
Detail of design
Above: Design close-up with our antique patina.
Right: Another perspective of the ceiling and cupola

For the 2,200 sq. ft. of the ceiling and
cupola, we measured, cut, stretched,
sized and base coated the 53 canvas
panels before completing the scrollwork

We then applied our exclusive methods
of aging and distressing the artwork in
order to grant the client's request "that
the total effect appear as if it has been
there for a century". 


More of the cupola can be viewed in the
TROMPE L'OEIL gallery.



Detail Above: Detail of the largest of six canvas panels.
Right: The 10 by 14 ft. panel of this double height entry foyer.

In collaboration with the designer
David Barrett
, we researched both
Rococo and French 'chinoiserie' for
this New Jersey home featured in the
October, 2003 issue of Architectural Digest.








Ceiling after painting
Above:  A 'before' photo of one ceiling corner.
Right:  After our addition of glazing and
painted scrollwork.

With Trisha Reger as designer, we
fine-tuned a patina on the 530 sq. ft.
coral-colored walls of this Alpine, NJ
dining room.

Our delicate scrollwork on the 552 sq. ft. canvases for the ceiling enhanced the
existing moldings.






Ceiling scrollwork
Crowning scrollwork
Above: Mirror and wall panel moldings with
additional scrollwork.
Right: Another perspective.

An antique patina was applied to the
moldings that frame the room's 12 mirror
and wall panels.

An outer framing of painted scrollwork
amplified and unified the overall effect.


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