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Pool wall
Elevator foyer
Pool wall after painting
Pool wall before mural

Above: One end of the raw space
Right: The same wall completed

Working with the designer David Barrett,
the transformation to "an English garden
feeling" of this New Jersey residence's
indoor pool was featured in the October
2003 issue of Architectural Digest
Azaleas and rhododendrons around the wall
Detail of hollyhocks & roses

Above: Detail of hollyhocks and roses
Right: One corner with birch trees,
azaleas and rhododendron

The calm of an early summer's day
remains year round on the 5,000
square feet
of walls and ceilings. 


Solarium corner
Solarium ceiling

Above: One perspective showing the
Solarium ceiling and actual trelliswork
Right: A view of the opposite corner

For this Alpine, New Jersey home
summery clouds were rendered on the
ceiling complete with birds, butterflies
and other colorful creatures.

We created vines to climb and crown the
trellises of the exterior walls. 

The shape of the room provided three
corners which we enlivened with floral
displays on canvas.




Solarium corner detail
Solarium bouguet detail

Above: Detail of one bouquet
Right: The corner niche between archways

The palette we chose to paint the floral
arrangements complements the seasonal
displays of potted plants and flowers.

We also reglazed all of the woodwork:
doors, window frames, baseboards,
archway moldings and trellises in a
warm, sunny yellow.    






Canvas installed
Canvas before installation

Above: The bottom portion of the canvas
before installation
Right: A perspective of the canvas installed

The elevators of this NYC residential
complex arrive at this 4 foot wide,
12 foot long foyer providing entry to
two apartments.

The designers of Focus on Interiors
enlisted us to supply a 12 X 9 ft.
cityscape in the Art Deco style.

Visually expanding the sight lines and
using a muted range of organic colors
kept this confined space from being
overwhelmed, allowing it to breathe.



40 sq. ft.  mural
A Summit, NJ couple, tired of 40 square feet of blank wall they faced every morning,
commissioned this mural to "wake up" their kitchen. 

Having this added dimension for their cafe con leches provided a new perspective and jump-start to their day.

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