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Landmarked Lobby restoration
Art Deco Lobby restoration
Auditorum restoration
Residential Lobby restoration
Above: Hallway ceiling before.
Right: Re-gilding in progress.

The management company for the
landmarked Lincoln Building
opposite Grand Central Station on
42nd Street needed repair of the
painted, gold leafed ceiling.

Landmark status requires prescribed
guidelines as to the materials used
and how they are applied.  These
measures were stringently followed.




Ceiling after painting
Close up
Above: Hallway ceiling after.
Right: Stairwell ceiling after.

One area above the stairwell to the
lower level needed a total scraping
and resurfacing, custom color
for the base coat before
renewing  the gold leaf of the
geometric designs









Ceiling after restoration

Fish-eye view
Above: Ceiling full view after restoration.
Right: Ceiling cove close-up.

The lobby of 275 Madison Avenue had
been renovated some years before.  We
were called in after a water leak had
damaged the ceiling artwork and a
portion of the banded, gilt-edged crown

The repair area of this cove included the
bird, the geometric design and the
border from the bird around to the

Ceiling after restoration

Ceiling in progress
Above: Work in progress.
Right: Ceiling detail after restoration.

The scope of work for this project included
color matching the existing paint and a
stippled over-glaze on the ceiling,
matching the gold and silver leaf that
was used as well as recreating the
design motifs
in their respective colors.

The area restored in the photo to the right
included both geometric designs, the
border between them and and the four
cascading, differently shaded bands that
are the adjacent crown moldings.


Restored school motto



Above: Assembly Room before restoration.
Right: Arch after restoration.

The original mural in the Chapin School
Assembly Room was cracked, had
water damage and peeling paint
darkened by age
.  There was no way
to "just freshen it up a bit" for the school's
60th anniversary.

Close up of restored wall
Above: During restoration.
Right: Our faithful copy.

A careful cleaning of several areas
revealed the original paint color choices.
The existing artwork was thoroughly
before any scraping and
of foundation layers could

Close up of restored wall
Above: Area of repair.  
Right: Creating the mold.

Working with designer Thomas Burak, we created a mold of a portion of a lobby ceiling in the landmarked Apthorp Apartments, NYC.  Repairs were then made to the century old plasterwork.











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