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D & D Building
D & D Building
Zen Tiles
Lenox China
Showroom after
The raw space

Above: The raw space
Right: The outcome.

This mural of an idealized Tuscan
landscape is currently on view in the
Cast Classics furniture showroom
on the sixth floor of the Decoration &
Design Building Annex
at 222
East 59th Street.


A partial panoramic view is on the bottom of our HOME page.

Detail of mural

Detail of mural
Above: A view towards the left side.
Right: A view towards the right side.

Elevator doors open onto this 250 sq. ft.
panoramic vista of lush landscaping and
architectural detailing, effectively
showcasing the client's merchandise.

A partial panoramic view is on the bottom of our HOME page.

Close up of mural
Full view
Above: Wall mural on canvas behind 
Image Maker framed photograph.
Right: Mural detail.

Both photos: Joseph Galioto of the
Image Makers Studio of Mendham &
Berkeley Heights, NJ

We designed this mural to complement
the portrait work of the Image Maker
Photography Studio.











Full view

Above: Showroom corner with angel mural.
Right: Detail of the angel.

For this marble tile and flooring company's
low, sloped ceiling, we visually raised the
roof with a brightly painted, open sky.

For the walls, the chosen effect of
crumbling ruins offered broken vistas
into fantasy landscapes beyond.








Cardinal tile
Fish-eye view
Above: Showroom with bird paneled floor.
Right: Detail of bird panel

LENOX Brands China called on us to
highlight their perennial winter favorite,

The cardinal was painted on a 20 in.
by 20 in.
maple "tile".  Twenty-four
of these tiles were randomly set into
a temporary parquet flooring.








Mural detail
Full view
Above: Showroom with Butterfly Wall.
Right: Detail of Butterfly Wall.

Both photos: Roger Preston

For LENOX China's springtime inaugural
of their "BUTTERFLY MEADOW" tableware
we recreated the motifs for a mural on
the back wall and on the maple tile
flooring as a "rug" border around the








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