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Indoor Pool Wall
"Fool-the-eye" door
Faux shed
Above: The wall below the stairs
Right: The adjacent wall and its door

In one corner of the 5,000 sq. ft.
landscape mural of this indoor pool,
a stairway to the top of a waterslide
created a storage closet beneath. 

The designer, David Barrett, wanted
to re-create "a gardener's shed" as if
from a bygone era.

The actual door is a smooth, flat panel
with hidden hardware.

More of this room can be seen in the
MURALS gallery.

Faucet mural

Faux Chinese pottery

Above: Cut-outs of faux Chinese pottery
Right: Wall opposite the base of the stairs

Twenty cut-outs of blue and white
pottery (vases, platters, plates, urns,
tea canisters, etc.) were commissioned
primarily for the pool's refreshment bar,
but also for niches around the pool area.

An actual faucet on this wall inspired
this scene adjacent to the "potting






Pool powder room
Pool powder room detail
Above: Detail of ceiling in the pool's powder room
Right: View into the powder room

The  faux topiaries and clipped hedges
are joined this time by trompe l'oeil trelliswork. 

The reflection in the vanity's wall of
mirror creates the illusion of a tent
out of our painted awning.








Cupola trompe l'oeil windows
Faux window
Above: View into cupola from below.
Right: Detail showing one of two real
windows and one of two faux.

A stimulating research into Baroque
style was carried out with designer
Thomas Burak to accomplish these
intricate renderings of grillwork, false
windows, painted shutters and floral
bouquets in wall mounted vases for
this octagon shaped cupola in an
Alpine, New Jersey home.

More of this room can be viewed in the







Close-up of door on right
2 faux French doors
Above: Two of the vistas through 'open
French doors.'
Right: Detail of the right set of  'doors.'

The double-height wall dominated the
seating area of this NYC Upper East
Side eatery.

A subtle wall glazing added warmth,
depth and texture.  Fantasy landscapes,
viewed as if through open doorways,
expanded the perception of this narrow









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